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Member 2 Member Advantage Program
The Member 2 Member Program (M2M) is designed to help foster relationships between businesses within our membership and to encourage/increase local spending.
The program allows members to offer preferential rates to fellow Chamber members on a
product or service.

1. What is the program?
The Portage Chamber of Commerce Member2Member Advantage Program (M2M) provides a value added service to our members. Participating businesses provide discounts for their products and/or services, and receive recognition, advertising, and potentially much more business. Members receive an additional benefit of discounts towards their purchases at a variety of businesses in a convenient method – a M2M card. Members will receives printable pdf of the membership card at the time this program is launched, or, upon joining the Chamber.

2. What are the benefits?
For providing a discount/benefit, your business will be listed in the following mediums:

  • Chamber Newsletter

  • Recognition as a M2M participant in the Chamber’s printed directory

  • Business highlighted on the Chamber website under Program Participants

  • A one to two sentence company description will be included on the website and lists with the benefit your company is providing

  • Listing in printed materials regarding the program
    Plus you can save money by getting discounts and benefits from many other businesses with your own membership card!

3. Who can participate?
Any Portage Chamber of Commerce member in good standing may provide benefits and will receive benefits with the membership card to use at participating Chamber businesses.

4. How to participate?
As a business, you would provide a discount or other benefit to customers that show you their valid membership card. For example, you may choose to provide a 15% discount, a $20 gift card with purchase of $100 or more, free delivery, free 1 year warranty with purchase, free computer tune up, or buy 3 get 1 free – whatever works for your business.  If you do not wish to participate in this way and simply want to take advantage of the benefits offered by other Chamber Members, simply show your membership card to participating members at time of purchase.

5. I want to participate. What do I do?
To provide a discount or other benefit, complete a registration form and email back to the Chamber office. Once your application has been received, your special offer will be included in the next update of the Participating Members List. You may begin participation any time during the year. Provide your agreed discount/benefit to customers that show their valid member card, and enjoy the discounts and benefits from using your card at other participating businesses.

6. If I don’t provide a discount or benefit for the program, can I still get the card and receive the discounts from others?
Yes, but you will not receive any other benefits of the program such as advertising.

7. If I participate in the program and provide a discount or other benefit, how do I tell who to give it to?
Anyone who is a current member of the Portage Chamber of Commerce and shows you their card is eligible for any benefits you agreed to provide.

Click the link below to access the Member2Member Registration Form.

Member2Member Registration Form.pdf

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